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We build and manage financial portfolios for each of our clients, focusing on downside risk control. Our disciplined investment process provides us with a solid plan to act in all market conditions.

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Many of today's taken-for-granted investment practices can be detrimental to the success of your portfolio. We avoid them by using a systematic approach to Diversify, Revise and Protect your financial investments. Read more

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You may not be as diversified as you think

Raul Elizalde, 08.24.2016 - Portfolios can benefit from managing allocations dynamically, especially during retirement Read More

Are you financially literate?

Raul Elizalde, 08.01.2016 - US adults score worse on a basic investment quiz than in the past, but think they are savvier now. Read More

Goodbye England

Raul Elizalde, 06.27.2016 - The Brexit vote is likely to have a long tail of uncertainty and volatility. Investors should keep calm but also carry on with their risk-mitigation plans. Read More

The market cares more about a friendly Fed than the Brexit vote

Raul Elizalde, 06.17.2016 - Investors don't seem worried as long as the Fed is there to protect them. Read More

The Fed is not the only one inflating asset prices

Raul Elizalde, 05.20.2016 - Stock buybacks have been a major source of price support for US Large caps, and it may be coming to an end. Read More

Fast-growing wages may lead to higher rates

Raul Elizalde, 03.09.2016 - Wages might be growing faster than we thought, and it may lead to more aggressive Fed tightening. Read More

The oil crisis expands to banks

Raul Elizalde, 02.09.2016 - The oil price slump and collapsing interest rates expands the crisis to the shores of the financial system. Read More

Junk bond fund failures may be the tip of the iceberg

Raul Elizalde, 12.15.2015 - Junk bonds have had a terrible 2015, and for the last 12 years stocks have fallen along with them. Read More

A rate hike will change your portfolio more than you think

Raul Elizalde, 11.11.2015 - Achieving diversification became difficult after the financial crisis, and the Fed is about to make things worse. Read More

The lack of inflation should keep the Fed on hold

Raul Elizalde, 10.27.2015 - Inflation has been falling steadily in the last few years, and the decline accelerated greatly in recent months. A rate hike now is untimely and carries huge risks, similar to those that Japan made in 2000. Read More

This is where the next debt crisis will come from.

Raul Elizalde, 08.21.2015 - Global private sector debt has staged the fastest and largest increase on record, spurred by very low interest rates. This is where the next debt-led crisis will come from. Read More

This is not the time to buy bond funds.

Raul Elizalde, 06.19.2015 - Bond funds are very different from individual bonds. This is not widely understood and can lead to big mistakes when it comes to building your portfolio. Read More

Mounting tensions on bonds and currencies.

Raul Elizalde, 05.05.2015 - A sharp reversal in the direction of interest rates in the US and Europe has stopped the dollar rally. Conditions for further volatility in bonds and currencies are in place. Read More

SEC halts an advisor's $15mm Ponzi scheme.

Path Financial LLC, 05.05.2015 - Another example of why it is rarely a good idea to invest in unconventional, non-traded investments that promise large returns. Read More

A silly story investors should ignore.

Raul Elizalde, 02.25.2015 - Most likely you have been told to stay invested because missing a few good days can be very bad for your portfolio. Don't believe it. Read More

No reason to fear the Fed

Raul Elizalde, 01.12.2015 - It is clear that investors are afraid that the Fed will end its stimulus by the way the market is acting. But a change of Fed policy should be way down in the list of investors' worries. Read More

Bears go into hibernation

Raul Elizalde, 11.21.2014 - Historically, the market shows its best performances during November, December and January as the bears go to sleep in those winter months. How the market will behave beyond January, though, is anybody's guess. Read More

Bulls and bears fight it out

Raul Elizalde, 10.21.2014 - While bulls focus on the stellar performance of the US, bears turn their attention to growing global risks. The arguments are closely contested, and investors are caught in the middle. Here's our take. Read More

The bull market will end, but not yet

Raul Elizalde, 9.3.2014 - Some observers say that the stock market has gone up too much and therefore it's bound to fall. But stocks have gone up far more in past bull markets. Read More

Don't sell your bonds yet: weak wages means low rates are here to stay

Raul Elizalde, 7.25.2014 - Janet Yellen is right to be concerned about wages. But all she can do right now is keep rates low. Don't rush to get rid of fixed income exposure. Read More

Bad apples: the Raymond James broker who sold fake investments

Raul Elizalde, 7.11.2014 - A Raymond James broker based in Greenville, SC was fired, reported to law enforcement and barred from the industry after selling a fake investment to clients that ended up being his personal checking account. Read More