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What can Path Financial do for me?

We build and manage portfolios of financial assets for our clients using a process that involves diversification, periodic rebalancing and downside risk control. The disciplined nature of this process means that we don’t react emotionally to market conditions but rather act according to a plan. The goals are to limit losses when markets go down, and to increase engagement when markets trend up.

Do I give Path Financial my money or securities?

No. Our clients use independent third-party custodians such as Charles Schwab & Company who provide full access to their accounts. Path Financial then manages those accounts on an ongoing basis.

How do I know that my money is safe?

Most of our clients choose to custody their assets at Charles Schwab & Company, a leading financial institution with over $1 trillion in client assets. Custodians like Schwab offer several levels of asset protection, such as that provided by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) coverage and by additional insurance underwriters. Contact us for more details.

Does Path Financial charge commissions?

No. Path Financial charges a fee based on the value of assets under management at the beginning of each quarter. We buy and sell securities for our clients through custodians who charge commissions on those trades, but we do not receive any portion of those commissions.

Is there a minimum account size?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss the requirements to open an account with Path Financial.

What kind of returns can I expect with Path Financial?

Path Financial does not make any kind of guarantee or promise regarding investment returns. Such promises are not only prohibited by law, but also are impossible to make due to the unpredictable nature of financial markets. What we promise is that we put all of our knowledge, experience and expertise at work for you every day. We are deeply committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.